Dress Code regulations
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


A student’s style of dress and/or grooming may reflect individual preference; however, such preferences must be selected within the constraints of reasonable rules and appropriate standards that are consistent with the maintenance of an effective learning atmosphere and good personal hygiene. The Murray County Board of Education expects each student’s attire and grooming to promote a positive, safe, and healthy environment within the school.

The Board has determined that reasonable regulation of school attire and personal adornment is within its authority and consistent with its responsibility to provide an appropriate environment for learning. Although the Board recognizes that individual students have a right to free expression, that right must be balanced with the Board’s responsibility to provide a safe, secure, and orderly educational environment for all students.


Dress Code Interpretation, all grade levels:

          The principal or other authorized school official shall determine whether any particular mode of dress, apparel, grooming, or use of emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols result in interference or disruption of the learning environment or creates a potential danger to students or staff , and has the disrection to waive any rule in any particular case. At the discretion of Administration, dress regulations may be altered, modified or waived for extracurricular activities.


It is prohibited for any student to wear clothing items which advertise alcoholic beverages, sex, tobacco, obscene, crude suggestive messages, use profanity or slurs pertaining to race, gender, ethnicity, religion or national origins. Designs or insignias may not be part of haircuts. Satanic symbols, logos or symbols, which put down social or ethnic groups or berate other individuals, are also prohibited. “Fake” alcohol or drug advertisement is also disallowed. Gang-related badges, insignias and colors are prohibited, as are any items of wearing apparel that indicate gang affiliation or support.

Pants: No holes above the knee that are either larger than a quarter, or that expose undergarments, genitals or buttocks. No baggy or saggy pants. Pants must fit body type and be worn at natural waist. No chains, studs, or metal loops, pajamas or spandex clothing.

Shirts: All shirts must cover the entire shoulder area. All shirts must fit body and cover midriffs and cleavage. Shirts must cover midriff when arms are extended over the head. Boys may not wear any shirts that expose armpits or armpit hair.

Dresses/Skirts/Shorts: These must be worn at natural waist with no holes, and can be no more than three inches above the top of the kneecap as measured while standing.

Hair: No distracting hair colors/styles: bright red, blue, orange, patterned, etc. No spiked hair over 2 inches or any other distracting styles may be worn.  

Belts: Appropriate length, and buckled with no chains or pointed studs

Body Piercing: Piercings will be allowed in ears only. No gages of any kind will be allowed.

Shoes: Must be worn at all times. No wheels or rollers. House shoes are not allowed.

Tattoos: Any tattoos determined by the school administration to be offensive must be covered at all times.

Accessories: Gloves, sunglasses, hats, caps, hoods, bandanas, headbands, blankets, sweat bands and pajamas are not allowed. Make-up should not be excessive. Students will be notified if there are special days when caps/hats are allowed.


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