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To empower students to dream and achieve!

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About Gladden Middle School

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Gladden Middle School is located minutes from beautiful, historic downtown Chatsworth. With state of the art classroom technology it creates an environment for learning that is in the forefront of 21st century education. Students have access to varied tools that facilitate effective learning to make them competitive in the marketplace of higher education and employment opportunities.Gladden's most impressive trait is the incorporation of technology into instruction. Made possible by the Comprehensive School Reform (CSR) Grant, every academic classroom is equipped with a SMART interactive whiteboard, ceiling mounted projector, Classroom Performance System remote network for interactive student input, printer/scanner/copier, VHS/DVD player, and teacher laptop. Most classrooms enjoy use of a radio frequency mouse/ laser pointer and 5.1 surround sound speakers. Gladden has a classroom computer lab for instructional use. Teachers have a variety of software systems at their disposal to contribute to classroom instruction, individual and small group tutorial, and ongoing assessment.

Faculty and staff are recognized statewide for excellence in education and are models for many other counties in Georgia as a Georgia Lighthouse School to Watch. The entire staff at Gladden has a common philosophy pursuing excellence and taking extreme measures to reach every child that comes through our doors. Dr. Ardith Bates is the principal of Gladden Middle School, and the school was just redesignated as Lighthouse School to Watch for three more years. Recently Gladden was named a Breakthrough Middle School for the state of Georgia. This honor, which is bestowed by the Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals, is the highest honor a middle school can earn through the GASSP organization.

Gladden Middle School participates in a school reform design created by Max Thompson and is known as a Learning Focused School. What this means for the student body is that faculty endeavor to discern each child's best learning style and organize their lessons, assignments, and class time to maximize the potential of their students.

The students at Gladden are assigned to a teacher at the beginning of their time at Gladden and are mentored by that teacher until they leave. This, in a addition to the rich extracurricular activities offered at Gladden, help the students develop character and skills that will stay with them throughout the rest of their lives.


Georgia Lighthouse School

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Gladden Middle School is a Georgia Lighthouse School to Watch.

Learning Focused

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We are a Learning Focused School.

SMART Showcase School

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We are a SMART Showcase School.

Breakthrough School

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Gladden Middle named as a Breakthrough School.

Title I

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Gladden is a Title I school.