Early Release Information

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Date: March 1, 2017

Parent pick-up will begin at: 12:00pm

Bus Departure/Route Completions

Special Needs buses and combined routes will be listed on the district page.

Bus # Students Begin Loading Bus Left School Route Completed Comments
00-18  12:10pm  12:15pm  12:58pm  
00-19 12:10pm  12:15pm  1:12pm  
02-28 12:10pm  12:15pm  12:53pm  
03-32  12:10pm  12:15pm  1:19pm  
05-43  12:10pm  12:15pm  12:43pm  
05-45 12:10pm  12:15pm  1:08pm  
05-47  12:10pm  12:15pm  1:08pm  
06-49  12:10pm  12:15pm  12:53pm  
06-50  12:10pm  12:15pm  12:50pm  
06-51  12:10pm  12:15pm  12:51pm  
06-53 12:10pm  12:15pm  1:10pm  
07-61 12:10pm  12:15pm  12:58pm  
11-67  12:10pm  12:15pm  1:19pm  







15-79  12:10pm  12:15pm  1:08pm  
16-87  12:10pm  12:15pm  1:10pm  
16-88  12:10pm  12:15pm  1:19pm  
06-60 See district page